We believe our technology industry expertise, strategic approach and long-standing experience have enabled us to generate superior, risk-adjusted investment returns. 


We invest in companies that provide critical products and services to governments, government-influenced markets, and commercial customers.

Our target industries are large, complex and intricate. We believe our focused approach and expertise in technology-enabled products and solutions allow us to successfully identify, harness and develop key trends relevant to our customers and markets.


We work with our portfolio companies to identify and execute strategic levers that drive transformational growth.

We employ an active approach to ownership and value creation. We partner with experienced management teams to deploy value-building strategies that target larger addressable markets and high-growth market niches, as well as to enrich the technological sophistication of their solutions offerings.

Open the aperture

We empower our portfolio companies to pursue larger addressable markets, expand into adjacent market segments, and bid on new and larger opportunities.

Invest in business development

We instill a focused approach to business development by identifying and galvanizing the organization around “must win” pursuits and by increasing investment and resources in the go-to-market function.

Leverage the power of our portfolio and network

We encourage our portfolio companies to pursue new business opportunities through collaboration and provide them with valuable industry knowledge and expertise.

Pursue strategic acquisitions

We help identify, diligence, structure, and finance add-on acquisitions that enable our portfolio companies to achieve scale, expand into new market segments, acquire accretive technologies, and diversify their customer bases.

Revitalize Corporate Orphans

We have revitalized divested, non-core segments of large corporations by realigning the organizational structure and applying an unwavering focus on well-defined growth strategies that we believe drive cash flow generation and value creation.