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Veritas Capital is a private investment firm with over two decades of experience. We have completed more than 100 acquisitions.

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We invest in companies that provide critical products and services, primarily technology or technology-enabled solutions, to government and commercial customers worldwide. Leveraging technology to make a positive impact across vitally important areas, such as healthcare, education, and national security, is core to Veritas. We are proud stewards of national assets, improving the quality of healthcare while reducing cost, advancing our educational system, and protecting our nation and allies.

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As a strategic investor with an in-depth, focused knowledge and understanding of government-influenced markets and customers and related policy and regulatory environments, we possess intellectual property that allows us to be nimble and flexible partners.

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We seek to create value by strategically transforming the companies we acquire. Our sector focus and deep expertise allow us to identify and execute on multiple strategic levers that we believe drive the performance of our investments.

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